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The ProjectSelf-branding is one of the hardest things, even for a professional. In order to introduce myself to clients, I’ve created a brand identity to display past, present, and future projects. I needed my brand system to be simple, recognizable, and able to evolve with me.

“Passion is the point” is the concept that holds everything together: my job is my passion, and passion is all I need to give my very best to every project I choose to undertake. 

Meaning of "point" self branding
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Editorial Design Self Branding
Business Card Self Branding
Business Card Self Branding
Dry Printing Self Branding
Envelope Self Branding
Invoice Self Branding

The Gift Box

During the initial phase of networking, I created a Gift Box for potential clients, collaborators, and agencies. Each element was designed as part of my brand and tells my professional journey, conveying my approach and values. Some contents of the box were personalized, such as a handwritten note and an introduction letter. I didn’t want something standard or one-fits-all—rather; I aimed to put together my gift box with personal details tailored to those who would receive it.

Tissue Paper Self Branding
Label Self Branding
Logo Label Self Branding
Self Branding Packaging
Packaging Top View Self Branding
Packaging Detail Self Branding
Customized Card Detail Self Branding
Printed Books Self Branding

The Website

UI Designer Luca Franceschetti and Creative Developer Henri Heymans built a website that fully expresses and aligns with my brand identity. We put special care into the details, such as the cursor and menu icons—these tiny elements were designed to wholly represent the claim, “Passion is the point.”

Website Desktop Self Branding
Website Mobile Self Branding

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